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Whether you require a bespoke tailored suit, a ladies dress, or even a wedding dress, Cornelius Coco Alasu provides a professional and comfortable environment at his studio workshop in Southport, or at your convenience in your own home. With over 18 years of experience in tailoring for Ladies and Gentlemen with qualifications in wool, fur, silk, leather and many more, it’s almost impossible to find somebody like Cornelius Coco Alasu.

Cornelius Alasu wedding dress

The bespoke tailoring process

The first step is to choose the perfect fabric for the perfect fit and look on your design or ours. Using methods that have remained the same for over 100 years, we will take over 40 measurements. When you order a fully bespoke garment, you are measured in detail taking into account all the idiosyncrasies of your posture. A bespoke cutter with years of experience in Design & Tailoring will measure you.

He will need to see a picture of you in his mind whilst he analyses the measurements and creates a unique pattern for you. If necessary, the cutter will take a photo of the client at the first appointment. The garment is then hand cut to your specifications; (at this moment it is very important that you will communicate with Cornelius Coco Alasu and get his professional opinion about how he sees you in that garment, and this is meant to help you have the best look without changing your initial ideas) and then hand stitched but only up to the baste stage. This stage is what makes a bespoke suit bespoke; without this step it can only be a semi-bespoke or made to measure. A baste is a half-made suit that is not properly finished and only temporarily held together with white baste stitching. This allows it to be easily taken apart and remade. The basted garment has unfinished lapels, no buttons and no buttonholes.

The second appointment – first fitting

At this stage, you will have your first fitting and the cutter will assess the accuracy of his measurements. The basted suit is the first draft of a final version and can be radically altered if necessary. The cutter will make notes and usually chalk several marks on the suit to instruct the tailor on how the suit is to be altered. The fact that the suit is only basted together allows you the opportunity to easily change the style if you wish. For example, there are no buttonholes on this garment so if you want to raise or lower the buttoning position this is easily possible .You also have the opportunity to narrow ore widen the lapels or shoulders if you wish. These options would not be possible on a made to measure ore a semi-bespoke suit without compromising the garment.

The third appointment – second fitting

At this point, the garment will be at a more advanced stage of tailoring and may be almost completely finished (depending on your body shape). The cutter will assess all of the alterations carried out by the specialist bespoke adjustment tailor. The final adjustments will be marked up and then carried out by the tailor.

The fourth/final appointment – third fitting

Depending on your shape, this may be your final fitting. If so the cutter will check that the adjustments have been done correctly and if you are happy with the garment you can take it home. If further adjustments are required, it will be returned to Cornelius Coco Alasu until it is perfect. Our cutters are perfectionist by nature and will not rest until your garment it is perfect. After all we have a reputation to protect. All in all this process involves 24 to 40 hours of manual work made by skilled craftsmen for dresses and 60 to 100 hours for suits. This is one of the reasons why fully bespoke garments are so much more expensive then made to measure garments.

Visit Cornelius for a consultation. Alasu House is situated on Duke Street in Southport.