Design Showcase

Explore bespoke designs below to see work from Cornelius Coco Alasu.

Smart Casual Tailored Clothing

From wool and fur to silk and leather, Coco tailors men’s and women’s clothes that are comfortable yet show off his professional experience. By listening closely to your needs, Cornelius Coco Alasu will create a suit or dress that is both fashionable and unique.

Bespoke Evening Wear

Cornelius provides bespoke evening wear dresses and suits for prom, weddings, charity events or birthdays. All garments are made-to-measure tailored for individual needs and desires with excellent service at Cornelius Coco Alasu’s studio in Southport.

Wedding Dresses

A single consultation and measurements of your size will enable him to make a dress of your choice using fabrics that exceed your expectations; with colours which are sophisticated or colourful as required, and with appliqués and enhancements that put the vital finishing touches to your wedding or special occasion outfit.